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Territory: excursions around the Lidi of Ferrara

Pozzati Real Estate Agency recommends some of the best tourist sites of the Adriatic Riviera.

The territory: Comacchio wetlands, the Po Delta Park, the Cities of Art…

The seven Lidi of Ferrara are situated on the Adriatic Riviera in the Comacchio resort area. Thanks to their convenient location, the Lidi offer their guests the possibility to enjoy various and alternative ways of living their holiday at the seaside.

Since the Lidi are conveniently located to visit the region and its beauties, tourists have the opportunity of discovering history, art and culture visiting the near ancient and artistic cities like the world famous Ferrara, Ravenna, Venice and the Republic of San Marino.

People who love nature can take part in excursions to the enchanting, uncontaminated environment of the River Po Delta, to its beautiful park and the unique Comacchio marshes, by bike, on horseback or by boat.

The Lidi of Ferrara territory offers such a wide range of possibilities that buying a house in this area grants the opportunity to enjoy an always different holiday and, at the same time, a safe investment which is in constant revalue.

The Po Delta

Not very far away from the town of Ferrara there are the Marshes of Comacchio, a salty area of 11,000 hectars rich in the typical lagoon fauna and flora. Particularly impressive sites are the Boscoforte Peninsula and the Salt Marshes where it is possible to admire a numerous colony of flamingos.

The Po Delta Regional Park is the largest among the parks and reserves in Emilia Romagna region. The territory of the park is divided in six different areas each of them characterized by unique naturalistic, environmental, historical and cultural peculiarities. The tourist can travel around the park going along itineraries of great beauty with nearly all means of transportation: car, bicycle, horseback and boat.

It is possible to enjoy boat trips such as the one that takes you to the Gorino lighthouse where you can taste delicious meals in the traditional local restaurant. From here you can easily reach the near small town of Goro where you can visit one of the most important breedings of shellfish an oysters in the Adriatic Sea. During the excursions in the Po Delta Park you can admire a wide variety of birds and plants such as the marine lavander, the rare water lily, the dipper, the shelduck and so on.

Comacchio, the “Little Venice”

Going from Ferrara toward the sea, you will find a town of great beauty: Comacchio, the so called “Little Venice” because of its numerous canals and because it overlooks the lagoon that surrounds it. It is the most fascinating and original historical town in the Po Delta area. Supposed to be the direct heir of the ancient Etruscan town of Spina, Comacchio dates back to the dawn of the Middle Ages.

This lagoon town was funded on thirteen small islands and based its own urban and economical development on the water and on activities such as fishing, harvesting and marketing of salt. These jobs brought about great dissidence between the town of Comacchio and the neighbouring communities, not last of which was the famous “Salt War” fought against the Republic of Venice. Nowadays Comacchio is a town with unique and intact architectural features, a town whose inhabitants are proud of their origins and strong identity, a town made of canals, palaces and monumental bridges.



Located in the heart of the Po Valley, Ferrara presents itself with the enchanting atmosphere of its past, armoniously linked to the one of its lively present. It is world famous for the splendour of its Renaissance age during the time of the Estensi court which left its indelible marks such the Addizione Erculea, the impressive fifteenth and sixteenth centuries pictorial cycles and the Bastianino’s “Last Judgement” .
The city centre, a place of entertainment and liveliness, is dominated by the solemn institutional buildings such as the Castlello degli Estensi and the splendid Cathedral. The Castle, ancient fourteenth-century fortress, residence of the Duke of Este during the sixteenth century, often welcomes various exhibitions while the Cathedral is an armonious architectural fusion of Gothic and Romanesque style.

Ravenna and San Marino

Ravenna The town of Ravenna is a casket full of art, history and culture. Its origins are ancient and its past is glorious. The town basilicas and baptisteries preserve the richest world mosaic patrimony which dates back to the fifth and sixth centuries. Ravenna boasts the honour of having eight monuments inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Ravenna was the greatest political and cultural town of the western world during the centuries that followed the Latin civilization decline. Besides the town offers vestings of recent ages such as the Domus of the Stone Carpets and the vast Romanic Harbour of Classe.

is the smallest and the most ancient republic in Europe and its unique, historical beauties can be enjoyed by the million of tourists who visit its territory every year. The narrow streets full of small, characteristic shops, the ancient towers and the breathless landscapes create an extremely enchantig atmosphere which is worth living.