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Comacchio and Lidi: a land immersed in nature

➡ Picturesque and charming, the historic center of Comacchio is a small pearl embedded in the Po Delta Park, just 5 km from the sandy shore of its seven Lidi.

Comacchio, the so-called “Little Venice”, still reveals the footprint of the ancient civilization of Spina and renews the traditions of its distant origins. Fishing, fish breeding and salt production were the sources of its floridness, and the reason for a great rivalry with the Republic of Venice.

To this day, it is a surprising town which preserves almost intact some architectural peculiarities, inhabited by people proud of their roots and strong identity; a city of canals, historic buildings and monumental bridges. Comacchio has of course a lively cultural framework – including libraries, exhibitions and museums which recalls its historical development from ancient times to the present.

In its eno-gastronomic research, the ingredients combine freshness and genuineness. The many traditional recipes and glimpse of innovative taste blend in a rich menu of both fish and meat, suitable for the most demanding palates -who can also enjoy it pairing it up with some excellent wines originating from the same lands.

➡ The range of activities is wide and very diversified: the sea and the lagoon environment offer breathtaking landscapes, featuring a rich and unique biodiversity. Those who prefer activities such as birdwatching and cycling excursions will have the pleasure of finding in the Delta Park an evocative territory and a variety of peculiar fauna and flora.

The extensive coastline truly incarnates an ideal location for relaxing: providing both well equipped and free beaches, its seven Lidi offer golden sandy beaches and shallow and safe seabed for families wishing to spend their vacation at the seaside.

Both in summer and winter, Comacchio’s  coast will welcome you with its important proposal of musical and cultural events, gourmet festivals and a colourful environment for all tastes.

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